Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

Sorry to disappoint but my personal life seems to have taken over this blog. I am stressed out about finishing and paying for grad school. I have hardly socialized within the past month and hate feeling this lonely. My counselor keeps telling me to relax and exercising. I have not been taking care of myself mentally, emotionally or health wise. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in months. And the gravy on this annoying train is the one person I want to talk to will not talk to me in any way shape or form and this is breaking my heart. On top of which I have since learned after my grandma’s and dog’s death one month within in one another that I have some abandonment issues.  I can add this along to all my other neurotic issues, goody. I think all I want is some motivation, to get a second wind, just to make it through this year not too emotionally scared and with hope of graduating.  So bloggers if you have any thoughts or suggestions on my mental issues I am more than willing to hear them, and maybe than I get back to what I like doing in my life like reading for fun and posting my analysis here, cooking something from scratch, catching up on movies I never seem to have time to watch and getting a good nights sleep. Thanks for listening. 
the anonymous blogger

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