Will not be posting for a while

       I ironically am blogging to say that I won’t be blogging for a while. I have 5 weeks to complete two chapters of my masters thesis and I also have many more things to accomplish by that time.  Also things in my life have been going eh at best, I hardly see my friends any more and my thesis chair is trying to evade me, even when I told him I needed help with chapter three weeks ago. I do a lot better with face to face then via email.  Furthermore, my socializing time has been minimal at best and this whole semester seems to  be filled with drama and conflict, two things I do not need or want in my life right now. If it wasn’t for counseling or the anger study sessions as of lately I would probably more emotional then I am now. My hope was to post on J.D. Salinger nine stories in the coming weeks but the business of my schedule and my lack of sleep makes me not sure when this will be possible. I will try to post at the earliest by Christmas break because by then all I should have to worry about is editing. Sorry for the rant and I hope to post soon.

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