Evelina analysis part 2

       Evelina from what I have discovered after all my research is Burneys’ attempt to work out her own daddy issues. I am sure Freud would have a field day in reading her book Evelina. All her actions throughout out the first half of the novel are trying to have it so that her actions win the approval of her father like figure Mr. Villars. Burney faced similar issues as through writing Evelina she was hoping that her father would also approve of her activities. Burney was writing at a time when women being writers was not a very positive thing in the 1700’s.  Also  Burney is reveling the prevalent opinion that where is one from and what a dad’s or parents credentials are matter if one is to win a match. Burney faced similar issues as she was arranged to marry and did not want to marry the man.  In the case of Evelina through it was her lack of credentials that made the marriage between Evelina and Orville as eminent so that Evelina could have a place in the upper middle class society of London.
       Burney and Evelina both show that women had many issues to deal with regards to courtship and trying to be a writer in the eighteenth century when it seems very apparent that a women’s opinion at this time was not viewed as important or significant. Burney proves this point further when her early journals she addresses them to “Nobody”.  However, from a non-feminist stand point I am sure women have felt at some point that their opinion had no place anywhere. Well, for me one example was that I was nine and my dad was about to get remarried and he asked me how I felt about it and the women he was about to marry. I lied and said I was ok with the marriage and the woman because I knew she made my dad happy and that I figure my opinion would not make a difference in the first place. I still believe that now after all these years, that my opinion does not matter to him, he like my grandpa J just likes to do alot of spouting about topics of interest to him, how him and I even have a conversation these days I will never know. Also he is just emotionally distant and I am sure he loves and his proud of me I would hope, I would just like to have a  normal conversation with him. I guess this is why I can relate to Burney and Evelina so much as I have my own dad issues that I am trying to work out through my writing of my thesis. I think that is enough personal information and analysis for now. I will try to blog on Ibsen’s dollhouse next week.

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