a bad day, a very bad day….

I know that the point of this blog was to post about books, through literary analysis and books reviews. But I have spent most of my life comparing my life to books, because frankly books or plays tend to make more sense than people or the events that occur in my daily life. As of lately my life has begun to feel like a tragic novel or play, in which I am dealing with the witches from Macbeth, the red queen, or being chased from count olaf from a series of unfortunate events. Now I know that I might be acting dramatic (just a tad) but this has been one of those days where nothing is going my way, and it is through these novels and plays that I can make sense of everything. (now on to reality)

This past summer I have had to deal with health issues that have been hard on both me and my best friend aka my bf. Additionally, it is due to these issues that I have not been as social this summer as I would have liked to recover from graduate school kicking my ass this year. On top of which I am trying to accomplish the crazy goal of completing my thesis within a 3 to 4 month period while hopefully working at least 20 hours a week, and my last full time job was years ago, so I don’t know how me, or my body could deal with this potential schedule. Along with somewhere in there spending time with my bf and having some down time.
On top of health issues and thesis issues as I am behind on it and have at least 5 good sections I need to write after an in-depth outline. Furthermore, I am dealing with financial aid issues also as my savings is slowly depreciating and I am going to have to pay full tuition at least tell Spring 2012, god willing I will graduate then. This just seems like too much to take on, so I get to spend this next summer and semester trying to find work, finish my thesis, and somehow keep up with this blog, which has turned into a nice escape from everything else. I unfortunately do not have the luxury to go down the rabbit hole, and escaping from it all. But since this is not a possibility I am going to have live with my own form of escapism through writing for this blog, and reading books and discussing literature through books reviews , and when I have more time making connections to pop culture, education, and life.

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