I am thinking about leaving fb….not related to books…but will get me to read more of them

I have been thinking about leaving Facebook for a while. I am not as into the applications as before and I don’t get to chat with people as often as I would like. I like it because it has helped maintain some friendships but it also gets rid of privacy along with losing the face to face communication. In the words of Carrie – “you can hear everybody’s everything” which is not always a good thing. Also I am with Brendan from My Boys that “sometimes it makes the world a smaller place and that is not necessarily a good thing”. My main use for Facebook currently is to connect with friends and get to know acquaintances that I never get to see. Also I am hoping through leaving Facebook I will be able to focus on more important things in my life like catching up on my reading, working on my thesis and getting into shape so I can run a 5k or half marathon for charity, and to get a part time job, and spend more time with friends and my bf. This all I have to say on leaving Facebook for now , I will post my book review on The Chocolate war when I finish the book.

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